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Before a hiking tour, you should monitor the weather forecast for the mountains which you plan to visit, and consider all warnings and information about the situation in the mountains. Choose routes which are suited to your physical and mental fitness, and during the tour adjust the pace to the least experienced participant. Bring appropriate mountaineering equipment and also learn how to use it before the tour. Check which mountain huts are open on the
 list of huts and shelters, and do not use those trails which have been closed. Start your hiking tour early enough and share your route and plans with your family or friends.


More recommendations for safer hiking in the mountains on



In case you
have encountered any damage or inadequate state of mountain trails (poor markings, overgrowth, etc.) during your hiking, please notify us about it by writing an e-mail to

Please, specify on which trail you noticed the damage or poor maintenance and describe them briefly. You can also attach a photo of the damage.

Thank you for your help and the best of luck on your trails!

Hikers using mountain trails are advised to learn about the current state of the trails by checking the website by asking at the local mountain hut, or by enquiring at the local alpine club. If you notice any damaged or inadequately maintained parts of a mountain trail (damaged guards, faded trail markings, heavily overgrown trail, rockfalls, etc.), please send email to Please indicate on which mountain trail you noticed the damage, describe the problem, and add a photo, if possible.

WARNING: Mountain hikers use the trails at their own risk. Mountain trail users must behave in a responsible manner so that they do not endanger or hurt themselves or others. A user must use mountain trails in a manner which does not cause any damage to the trail or to the land, property or buildings adjacent to it, nor causes any harm to the flora and fauna along the trail. It is prohibited to restrict access to mountain trails and to damage, remove or destroy trail markings, direction boards, boxes and protective equipment or any other labels. It is also prohibited to use unmarked shortcuts.


2024-02-29 09:45:00, CLOSED TRAIL AND FOREST ROAD from Tolmin to Javorca
2023-09-05 16:40:00, CLOSED TRAIL from Tamar to Jalovec via Jalovška škrbina
2023-08-10 13:30:00, CLOSED TRAILS due to storms and windbreaks
2022-07-14 09:10:00, CLOSED TRAIL from Dolška škrbina pass to Grintovec
2018-06-15 12:15:00, Mountain trail to Kranjska koča na Ledinah is closed on section via Žrelo